Newsletter Spring 2020 cover

spring 2020 title page

This is the first instalment of the societies Newsletter
. The coronavirus restrictions have prevented
the printing and posting of the Newsletter in the
normal way. So articles will be published on our
website instead, where they will be just as bright and
just as varied.

Also missing this Spring will be the society’s Annual
General Meeting, which has been postponed until
Saturday 19 September.

The County Museum is closed, we are all confined to
our homes, and a gathering in the learning zone
would hardly be the best space in which people
could ensure they were to be seated two metres
apart and not sharing viruses. You will find in the
following pages neither an agenda for the AGM,
nor a copy of the minutes of last year’s AGM.

What you will find, though, are some articles of
interest, and details of some of the activities and
events that may take place if circumstances
change. And please remember that there will be
another instalment of the newsletter in a few
weeks time. In the meantime, all on the BAS
Council wish you good health and the strength to
win through this coronavirus ordeal.

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