Local History

Whilst many people are interested in the history of the county many more are primarily interested in the history of their locality. This section aims to capitalise on that interest, both by providing useful resources for people researching their area and also by providing a means for that research to be publicised.

Records of Bucks

For many years the Society has maintained contact with local societies and groups across the county and has organised an annual Bucks Local History Network Conference . The aim of the Society has been to cover subjects of interest to most local historians and to provide expert keynote speakers, to provide synergy with local work, and provide a venue for both county wide and local groups to show their work.

The Society has run various projects across the whole gamut of its activities.These have produced reports and useful tools you can use for similar projects.

If there is local history or heritage research under way in the county which is not already recorded or published we want to encourage you to feed information back to us so that we can make others aware.

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