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The societies journal -Records of Bucks – is published in May every year, when every member of the Society receives a free copy. Copies also go on public sale.
If you are not a member why not buy a copy of this years edition through our online ordering.

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318 pages. 24cm X 19cm
Profusely illustrated in colour.
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This edition has wide range of subjects including:

  • Excavation of an lron Age site in Tattenhoe Park, Milton Keynes,
  • Investigation of a Roman crop-processing site in Campbell Park, also in the new city.
  • There are three medieval offerings:
    • the analysis of a 12th-century arch in St Mary’s Church, Old Linslade:
    • a study of Chesham in the Wars of the Roses and
    • the discovery of a medieval hall in Marlow.
  • A new approaches to understanding enclosure and the survival of common land.
  • Stowe school chapel.
  • The gardens of Humphrey Repton within the county .

In addition to the main articles, there are also brief notes on a range of topics such as;

 a multi-period site in Stoke Mandeville;

the events surrounding the meeting of the Anglo-Saxon witenagemot held at Buckingham in 934.

There are also book reviews, including The Society’s two most recent publications, The Toll Roads of Buckinghamshire 1706-1881 and Wulfhere’s People.

Added to all this, there are the annual reports from Society officers, the County Museum, Centre for Bucks Studies and the planning archaeologists in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes.

How to find Record of Bucks articles

The journal has now been published for more than 150 years and includes a wealth of information on Buckinghamshire’s past. There is a searchable index and an articles index available. The Society has an ongoing program to make these publications available on line. Currently Scanned volumes here.

Print copies of Records of Bucks can be consulted at the Society’s Library at the County Museum on a Wednesday. Copies are also held at certain of the County Libraries and at the Center For Bucks Studies at County Hall. Please check for availability and opening times before making any journey.

Some back volumes are available for sale.

Much more detail on the background and how to contribute are available on our archive site  

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