Using our resources


Our library and archives collection housed in the County Museum on Church St, Aylesbury are for historical research. They are available and used readily by both members of the society, academic researchers, and interested members of the public. Increasingly more and more of our material that would have required a visit is becoming available online via this website. We ask that if you want to visit the library and archives we prefer you to make an appointment in advance although this is not essential. This ensures we can locate and prepare the documents you may to research. Our phone number and email are given below.

Working in our Library

The library contains a comprehensive collection of books, periodicals and pamphlets on Bucks and all its towns and parishes. They cover the whole range of subjects within the society’s remit and include old or unusual books not held elsewhere in the county. Naturally it holds all the publications of the society from its inception in 1847.

The library also holds a collection of archaeological and historical journals from outside Bucks many of which are not found elsewhere in the county.

If you wish to visit the library we prefer you to please complete the following form giving some indication of your interest. We will respond as soon as possible.

Using our Archives

For very many years the society was the county’s only formal repository for archives and held manorial rolls, parish records, estate maps and old deeds. These were transferred in the twentieth century to the County Record Office, now the Centre for Bucks Studies. (History of the archive.) The society retained a range of non-formal archives primarily the notes and copies of original material made by Bucks historians. Other materials include sales catalogues, election material, maps, prints and transcriptional parish records. All of these archives complement the more formal records you will find at the Centre for Bucks Studies. There is a catalogue of our archives available online.

Accessing our online resouces

We are gradually increasing the amount of information that can be accessed on line.This includes the scanned collection of estate maps, scanned versions of Records of Bucks, as well as other documents prepared as reports or resources for past projects.

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