Pots, Potters and Potteries

Pots, Potters and Potteries of Buckinghamshire 1200-1910


Published October 2019  |  Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society

Pottery was a major Buckinghamshire industry, with dozens of kiln sites. The potter’s skills of throwing, firing and glazing were handed down through families for generations. This comprehensive book lists potters and pottery production sites from the 13th century to the early 20th, and describes their products where known. These are set out alphabetically by parish for easy access.

The authors are experts who draw on many years in the field. They bring together all currently known archaeological and documentary sources, gathering information from excavation reports of kiln sites, surface finds of ‘wasters’ which indicate local production, field names that point to as-yet-unlocated potteries, parish records, wills, indentures and national censuses.

These are the raw materials that tell the 700-year history of a once-important Buckinghamshire industry, how it grew and how it declined, who its workers were, where they worked and what they made.

Published 5 October 2019 –  based on the authors’ major article in Records of Buckinghamshire volume 55 (2015) with additional research, illustrations and a new introduction. 144 pages with 56 colour illustrations –  ISBN 978-0-9957177-5-6  

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