Historic Document cataloguing appeal.

Donate to help finish the archives project.

Loose bundle of archives leading to history and heritage.

Much of what we know as history, be it general, local, or family history, comes from documentary sources. But how do we find the documents that are relevant to our histories. The answer is discovery often by looking in catalogues of documentary archives.

So a key activity is making user accessible catalogues.

Cataloging in progress.
Cataloguing in progress

There are over 11,000 deeds, letters and other documents which BAS members collected over a 100 year period and are now housed at the Centre for Bucks Studies but were never catalogued . Two years ago a project was funded at CBS but ending in April 2020 to properly catalogue them. But this is not sufficient to cover the whole of the collection. £8500 is needed to complete this and make them accessible to everyone via the on line catalogue at CBS and which is open to all. You will therefore  be able to see and utilise the general results of your contribution.

You can learn more about the detail background to this collection on a separate page.

Will you please help us meet this target.

Make a contribution on the donation page. For larger donations than the options please enter multiples of the “product”. For example 4 off £25 for £100.

As we are a charity Gift aiding will allow us to increase your donation by 25% If you are not a member and are willing to make a gift aid declaration please download a form here and send it to us.

If you are a BAS member and we hold a gift aid form from you we can take appropriate action.

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