Hs2 in Bucks Background

Use the links below to find Bucks Archaeological Societies (BAS) engagement with Hs2 phase 1,
since its inception in 2010


To see a Map of the main archaeological sites, circa 2010, along the line, of Hs2 in Buckinghamshire, with a link to the BAS survey of each site, click Here.

During the planning stages for Hs2, BAS was in active correspondence with several parties to try and guide the project and reduce its impact on the then known Archaeology. To review this correspondence click Here.

BAS worked with Bucks County Council, Cotswold Archaeology and others to influence the route and scope of the project. To see elements of this engagement click Here.

  •           One of the documents targeted by Bucks County Council and BAS was the Hs2 Environment Statement. A non-technical Summary of the final statement can be found Here.
  •          The second key document in 2013 was the Bucks Hs2 Mitigation Blueprint, which can be found Here.

In response to the particular threat to St Mary’s Church at Stoke Madeville BAS created a pamphlet Here.

Once the project had started then Hs2 published the results of the cultural heritage survey along the route of the line, as appendices.  These are large reports and include the high level geophysical survey results.  Buckingham shire is covered by volumes 7 to 13 (the geophysics results are in the last third of each volume):
Colne Valley (7).
Chalfonts and Amersham (8)
Central Chilterns (9)
Dunsmore and Wendover (10)
Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury (11)
Waddesdon and Quainton (12)
Calvert to Chetwode (13)

In September 2018, BAS and Fusion JV held a conference on the initial Hs2 Archaeological activities in  Buckingham shire.  See a report of the first conference Here.

In December 2018, Fusion JV held an open day at St Marys Old church in Stoke Mandeville. 

In April 2020, BAS and Fusion JV held a Webinar covering the discoveries at several sites since the first conference above.  See the report of the second conference Here.

Hs2 update their website with new Archaeological articles as the project progresses.  See Here.

Bucks sites impacted by Hs2

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