Thurs. 14 March – THE ANGLO-SAXONS OF THE UPPER THAMES: dress and identity

Dr Toby Martin

Lecturer in Early Medieval Archaeology, IoA, University of Oxford


Thursday 14 March 2019 at 8pm


Liston Road, Marlow  SL7 1DD


During the 5th and 6th centuries, the Upper Thames went from being a late Roman complex of villages, villas and towns, becoming a simpler agricultural landscape dotted with small rural hamlets. In economic terms, therefore, the situation became greatly simplified.  In terms of politics and identity, however, the situation became highly complex, with later historical sources recording the violent progress of West Saxons through native Romano-British communities.

Poster at this link: MAS poster A-S of Upper Thames March 14 2019

This talk will attempt to separate fact from fiction by looking at how the people we call Anglo-Saxons living this in region dressed, focusing primarily on the jewellery worn by women,  and what this might tell us about how they thought about themselves and their relationships with far-flung and local communities.


PLEASE PAY AT THE DOOR:  Visitors: £4.50    Members MAS/AiM £3     Students £1.50
Free refreshments    Disabled access    ALL ENQUIRIES: 01628 523896


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